Outdoorsman & Writer. That’s me.

Black and white of sharp antlers of wild deer

Retired but active

I was born and raised in a rather remote part of Idaho. Over the course of my life I’ve lived in small towns and large cities alike, but I’ve always felt drawn back to the serenity of nature and the raw clarity you feel while out in the woods. Now, in the “late prime” of my life, I spend a lot of time out there. And in here, typing away the idle hours.

If you share my passion for the outdoors, for hunting, for doing things with your own two hands – be welcome on these pages. I hope you won’t mind that I only write under my pen name: “The Huntsman”. I kind of enjoy the anonymous part of the internet. Keeps things simple. 

Oh, and a shout-out to my son for creating this site’s beautiful design! I’m proud of you.

“As the saying goes, you are what you eat. So I guess I'm an elk.”

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