DIY TrailEyes™ Remote Game Trail Camera Trigger

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Each TrailEyes™ Remote  4 channel game camera trigger when complete will consist of a battery, three switches, single light emitting diode a  LINX  (RF) receiver, a 12 volt relay and a  timer. Continued on Full Article...

Refer to trail camera trigger Bill of Materials Preview and the test partial wiring diagram pdf A push-off then push-reset will still the vibrator anytime you want.

When the camera is set up in the field the power switch S-1 and Continued on Full Article... switch S-3 will be left in on position. Continued on Full Article... Most new cameras have this function and in order to keep them awake all the time they must be refreshed with a contact closure. The timer can be set to close the contact at what ever the camera time-out is. This time should be in the camera operator literature, set the timer to a time slightly less than that.

A TrailEyes™ Hunting-Radar™ unit will relay a signal to the receiver when it detects a animal walk by. The accompanying momentary relay closure will act as the shutter button to take the picture.

That said, let’s get to fabrication. Continued on Full Article...


The eiring diagram indicates a battery connector with pigtails this will apply to the Eveready 15 volt battery indicated in the Bill of Materials but if you use a different type of battery make the connections as required by the battery. The instructions indicate soldered connections everywhere but Continued on Full Article...

· Run a wire from the (+) battery terminal to one terminal (a) of switch S1 and solder.

· Next from the other terminal (b) of S1 run and solder a wire to the (a) terminal of S-2 and S-3 and solder.

· From one of these switches (shown as S-2 in the diagram) run a second wire to terminal #10 of the LINX unit. Continued on Full Article...

Three wires will be connected to the trail camera - one is common to the camera’s power - one from the normally closed relay post #6 in this illustration will transmit the wake-up or refresh signal to the camera and one from LINX terminal block #1 will transmit the signal for the camera to take the image..

Never miss that trophy again because Traileyes trail camera's can take pictures from any number of angles. If you are not a member become one now.