Staying Odor Free in the Field

Staying odor free is harder than “Getting Odor Free” because of the skins production of volatile oils with the sweat and the expulsion of odor molecules via the mouth and lungs.

By wearing an activated carbon impregnated painter’s mask you can reduce the breath odor problem. Remember that activated carbon picks up heavy gas molecules from the air and you need to store your extra supply in zip type freezer bags.

If nature calls and you “Just-Gotta-Go”, make sure you go way down wind from your stand, using a non scented deodorant afterwards might be in order. Carry a doggie bag and police up the waste and bury it. This will seal in the human scent.

Of course it goes without saying you can forget all the above precautions and efforts if you smoke before or during the hunt.


A consistently successful hunter gets that way in only one way - by pre planning. Your gun caliber, accuracy, ammunition specifications, bow draw weight, arrow type and camo color and type is important but systematically controlling human scents in the hunting theater may even be more important. To assure this this you should consider making-your-own: Staying odor free materials.