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We are looking for skiing snowboarding instructors, Ski Shop partners in all areas of the country and even the world to provide editorial content for the Skiing section of this site. Any kind of article is acceptable abd here are some topics recently asked for; cross country skiing, skiing snowboarding, freestyle, extreme, downhill, Colorado, Utah, Vermont, Lake Tahoe and etc.

In return for these tips, advice, equipment reviews and news, your contact and service description including any desired logo or pictures will also be included along with your article/s and in the separate Skiing Snowboarding Pages.

In appreciation for your early contribution and one new  Skiing or Snowboarding article or tip annually to this new website your contact information and advice will never be removed unless you request it, your exposure will grow with the traffic growth of this site. Also diy - Hunting and Outdoors will not add more any other non-advertising competitor for each section - the country / world. This exclusivity will be limited to a reasonable distance of  your operating area.

Tell the world you are a well known Skiing Snowboarding experts and get free lifetime inclusion in our fast growing site, fill out the contact form and tell us about yourself, area in which you provide equipment and services. If you have a website we will exchange links, send your most  relevant page address.

If you have a Skiing or Snowboarding website we will exchange links, send the most  relevant page address. Tell us what  you specialize in and whether the customer needs to bring special equipment or not, i.e., whatever you would put in an ad or brochure.

We will send you a private e-mail address to which you may send articles, pictures and full contact information.

Regular skiing contributions will keep potential customers coming to your articles and to your door. The Contributor who submits the most articles between now and December 1, 2007 will be awarded a Free $100 cash prize in addition to the referrals from this site. We suggest articles contain at least 500 words with no upper limit. Break large articles into a series and have the parts count toward your prize.