Scent Free Storage for Hunting Clothes and Equipment

If you have a closet that you can dedicate to your hunting equipment store everything in it.  If not make a odor free area in a corner of your garage. You can use ¼” lattice strips to hang and seal heavy polyethylene film from the walls and ceiling. Overlap entrance slits far enough to provide a good seal there. On shelves you can provide space for your bagged clean items. Put a large bowl or pan of baking soda nearby, maybe both sides. Place paper bags of leaves, twigs chip shavings and etc. inside.

A cedar chest or armoire with one side adhesive foam insulation added around the doors to assure a good seal makes a good storage container. I have a cedar armoire with two front doors and a built in chest with a door inside the unit which I keep in my wife’s sewing/hobby room.

If I can't get everything in the armoire I put it in a rigid plastic container from Target. I still seal things in plastic film first due to the tendency of the plastic boxes.

It does not do a lot of good to contaminate your scent free storage with human sent related items.