The Paris Hilton &/or Anybody Online Business Model

The Paris Hilton secret?

Paris Hilton is not just a model she is a business model. If a sportsman or sportswoman, engineer, housewife (or anyone else) who wants to become well paid and grow a business from office or home take a note from Paris Hilton.

Paris was an unknown when she moved to N.Y.City but  became an international superstar. And all she did was attend every function, show and party in the glamour field. Think about it for a second or two. She had no acting or modeling training. She was not a politician. She was not an athlete in high school or college. She was just a young, attractive heiress with a yen for partying and she found a way to be noticed by a lot of people.

Last week, according to Word Tracker, Paris Hilton was the sixth most searched for keyword on the internet ranking above Yahoo at the eleventh spot. For the past several years paris Hilton has been right at the top somewhere around 185,000 web searches every three months.

The object of this observation is if you want recognition as - whatever you choose as a profession – do as Paris Hilton did and attend and circulate at every function in your field that you can. Introduce yourself as the knowledgeable interested person you want to be to everyone you meet. Make a point to meet the current leaders and let them know of your interest.

The real objective is to get to the level of a Paris Hilton superstar. Take Ted Nugent for example he is another superstar no matter where he is and no matter what he does he either gains in stature or income.

Have you ever thought?

Have you ever really thought about how people get rich?

Something to remember is that normally an individual only makes money while working are you one of these?

This goal of making money even if you are not working is usually only reached by behind the scene self marketing. Self marketing can take form in many types of media but most of these cost a lot of money. And the fore mentioned one-on-one contacts are a good start, i.e. attend shows, seminars and galas in your field. The more he or she is seen the more the perceived stature. This works for some but most experts are not able to attend enough one-on-one functions and their billing rates if a customer is found to do much good. They are not in N.Y.

The potential professional can pursue being noticed via use of the media. The real expensive way to do this is to hire a media agent. They will work to get him noticed first by issuing a press release. Press releases can cost upwards of $500.00 plus the agent’s fee and it will be issued one time to a group of media types which may or may not publish it in their paper, magazine or whatever. This is an expensive method of attracting attention. Paris was lucky in that the press just loves rich kids and did it for her.

The aspiring expert can do this himself / herself. Online organizations like will allow one to write and publish press releases online for small fees or even free. In all, there are at least six different organizations that offer "free press release" services. Some have a small fee structure to expedite the release. It takes about three days for the service to read and publish the press release, unless paid upfront. Even then, the base charge is $30, but one can spend as much as $800. If interested in this approach Google "free press release".

This sounds like a lot of trouble and time consuming at the same time but there are smarter ways to retire rich.

What is next?

Depends on what one wants to get out to the public. You will not have the same needs as Paris Hilton. Let's say you are a guide or housewife wanting to work from home. Write the press release to introduce you or your business and explain that you are competing in such and such event, or that your business has been established to accomplish such and such. If you have a track record, put that in the press release. Also give yourself or the owner of the business a personality and mention where he's from and what he likes to do, from his college major to favorite music. Then issue the press release.

Don't stop there. Send a copy to the local journalist who covers the sports or business theme. Make a follow up phone call. But while at it, read the magazines that cover the "city social scene" to learn where to "place" your yourself. Then call the magazine editors and writers to find out when and where the next parties, get-to-gathers or shows are. Work your schedule to make sure you're there.

But don't stop there either. Business cards can be made as needed, just buy the business card paper from the local computer supply store and follow the instructions for design and printing. Give these to every body you meet.

This seems like an awful lot of work for the results but there are otherways which will work for you 24 hours a day seven days per week and once done works for you for years right on through your retirement and maybe that of your children. It works for men or women equally as well.

This single fastest way to become recognized as an expert is a quality web presence? In other words, you need a website? Many people know this but shy away from getting one because of the complexity. I will explain some of the complexities, but they are easily overcome and I will explain that later. It needs to be search engine optimized (SEO)? What's that? Well, is each page designed so that search engines can quickly pick essential information up and give it a high search page rank? If the website ranks in the top ten references returned on Yahoo, Google and/or MSN search results you can be assured of not having to work long if it is monetized correctly.

A website has to have subjects people are searching for. I will show you how to pick the most money-making words. You will have to do some research (brainstorming) to find good page titles for each page. But make sure the titles vary, and show new content of each page of the site. Yes if you have not figured it out by now, a good high ranking website has more than one page - make sure to build twenty to fifty pages with text content about you or your business or hobby over the next year.

Like what? Anything you like or think you could get interested enough in to research the internet and rewrite, here's some suggested subject headings for pages: biography, athletic record, Hobbies, diary, purpose of the web site, services page for each one, news, recipes, PC’s, TV’s, coffee, cars, how to make money, clothes, jewelry, people, specialized news or etc. Anything will work and you do not even have to sell products. Yes you want to sell written or picture information, selling products take too much of your time.

A fishing guide might have a page for each kind of fish, each kind of reel, each killer lure or bait, each major lake or coastal hot area or maybe the best boat, the best accessories for boat or bait. Definately the same as Paris Hilton. These page titles will be based on "key words". Key words are the terms entered in the search engine search block (like paris hilton), they are what the people are looking for. and they are the words one will want to use so he/she will be found by potential customers.

A good site should tell a story - different from others if possible - and have no more than three tiers of pages. The reason for only three tiers is that Web Crawlers which roam the internet to retrieve pages for indexing in search engines rarely go deeper than three tiers. (Page-to-Page-to-Page)

A note of caution, a free Web page provided by your internet service provider (ISP), sites like My Yahoo, MSN or etc. will not gain the recognition a professional or business needs. These freebies are good to share pictures, recipes and such with the family, not make money like Paris Hilton. Even the larger free site providers are useless and search engines will seldom rank them high enough to be recognized by the public or potential customer.

There are two ways to obtain a web site; have one made, which is expensive or anyone can make their own. Both ways are discussed below.

Expensive Way -  Having a website made: Paris Hilton does.

One can find a webmaster to build his/her Web site but if one's advertising budget is not in the tens of thousands of dollars like Paris Hilton's he might should consider building his own. There is more to building a successful Web site than sitting around and writing a few pages of content though. There are expensive ways to do this and there are inexpensive ways to approach this. For instance the expensive way. The minimum cost of having an experienced webmaster build a 20 - 30page site will run over $15,000 with the same annual upkeep fees. Unless promoting a large existing business this is not practical.

Best and Easiest Way For Anybody - The Work at Home DIY Website:

Under "ideal circumstances" the inexperienced person can build their own high quality site of any size for a monetary outlay of less than $300.

I said "ideal circumstances" because normally one has to find and purchase software tools, marketing information, key word search and generation (brainstorming) tools, the right site name for one's site and  and a real "service providing" service provider (Web site host). The key words and host provider being the first two most important decisions you will have to make. After getting the site is built getting found bu the Search Engines and Monetization becomes the critical elements to consider.

The reason the site host is so important is, sadly enough you are not Paris Hilton and that the above tools and services if purchased individually will cost a minimum of $5000. This is prohibitive for most people (it sure was for me)wanting their own small business. Most host providers provide some of these tools and services in their monthly charge but only one provides them all at no cost. 

Without some experienced help it can take years to gather enough information to be able to make an informed decision as to how to even get started. You can trust me on this one. I searched the net for over two years ordering every work from home scheme (about $1,000 worth) trying to get around the enormity of it all before I stumbled into the one hosting service which provides everything mentioned above and much more for less than$300/year. It is like having the worlds most experienced and caring webmaster for a mentor. Back to the Paris Hilton success story, if I had a website which had a name that was searched for as much as Paris Hilton 's name, I would have houses in four or five countries and be retired and enjoying them with all the members of my family. (Well I am retired and two locations) In fact that statement goes for the key word "real estate" too which last week ranked at the 298th level. I would even settle for a position of #10,000 and retire everyone in my current and future family.

STOP THINK ABOUT IT - Does that last statement inspire any thoughts as to how huge the Internet surfing community is? If a site has a traffic ranking of the 550,000th position it would be in the top 1% and should provide income 3 times that of the average middle class working American.

How hard is this to achieve? You see web site advertisements which say pick us and have a website in 40 minutes. Don't believe it, it will take a lot of time to make an effective money making website even if someone else does it someone has to feed them the information. However this is the hardest part but done on a part time basis with a practical time goal it can be done. I know a 14 year old girl who used the same service I do, who decided to make an information website about a Caribbean Island which her family visited.

Her website is now a couple of years old and some days gets almost 300,000 hits and today's rank is 15,898 from the top site looked at. She will never have to work for someone else. I love it!

Even though I had been thinking about making this site for several years the inspiration for finally doing so came from a young couple in their early thirties who bought a house on the canal across the street from us. They both worked for Texas A&M University, he a media professor and she a I.T. technician. When we first met them a little over a year ago we were invited over for a pool party. During the visit she told us about their food recipe site which she started a couple of years before as a hobby means to store her favorite recipes. It looked good and we started using it.

About six months later they told us that an internet advertising company had called them about being their representative under a contract. They were told that they were having 4,000 new people look at their site each day. They signed the contract and both quit A&M to work from home. Now almost a year later, some days, especially before holidays, they get as many as 28,000 unique visitors a day and have at least 10,000 people looking at their site at all times day and night. people send her recipes from all over the world.

This sold me. I knew that I wanted to retire three years from that time with the same standard of living here on Padre Island and figured that with taxes and insurance going up 500 to a thousand dollars a year if I wanted to retire without moving inland to some small town, I had to find some extra income after retirement but did not want it taking all my time to get, otherwise why quit my current job.

I then started asking the guys across the street what to do first and I could soon tell that I had to ferret it out for myself to keep from being a pest. So I started living on the internet after work looking for information on how-when-where. I bought a lot of useless information and read about hundreds maybe thousands of "how to build a site for six to fifty dollars a month in less than an hour". I knew there was more to it than that.

Finally after looking at host providers I ran into the only provider in the world that furnishes all the tools all the software, all of the instructions and services necessary in step by step manuals and on-line private forums, automatically finds the best key words (brainstorming), guides in monetizing and teaches the business thoroughly in an organized fashion. Ken explained that it takes work and time but someday worth it. I was willing to work, always have and much of the time two jobs and I did not expect to start realizing a substantial income for three years. He also explained how to set up so anyone can apply free to automatically get advertisers show up on the page these advertisers pay you for the privilege. These ads are maintenance free they show up every time someone looks at the page, day or night year after year. Whether one is home, hunting, sleeping and even if vacationing or snow birding for the winter. And the important thing so do the commissions. I soon realized I had found more web business information and experience in six months and in one place than the couple across the street had been able to stumble onto in six years.

I conceived a plan to build three websites about different topics over the next three years one for the Hunting and Outdoor Sports I like, one about RV Vacations I take and and one to provide people information on where to find the best medical and health care information for conditions I have been involved with in a profession for thirty years. I picked the first two so I can write off any trips or equipment, expenses and maintenance on the hunting lease, boat and RV fuel and other costs. To me it was the ideal retirement plan.

If you just can't wait for my "How I Followed the Paris Hilton Business Model Page" , go ahead and peek at where I found it.