Odor Free Equipment Preparations

Use 100% silicone oil and grease for scent free rust protection and lubrication of your bows and guns. To get odor free equipment it with rubbing alcohol to remove oil and grime. It will evaporate 100%. Acetone works faster on unpainted surfaces. Silicone does have a high oxidation resistance therefore preventing rust and corrosion.

Another scent free oil is U. S. Pharmaceutical grade (USP) mineral oil which can be found in the laxative section at your local drug or food store. It is also protective from rust and corrosion and has no odor.

Peanut oil and corn oil has a slight scent which can act as a deer attractant and rust protective lubricant as well. If you or anyone in the family or hunting group are allergic to peanuts you should be careful with peanut products products.

All of these oils are preferable to crude or coal based products which contain aromatic byproducts which deer associate with humans. The only thing to remember is that organic food oils do become rancid and equipment should be cleaned after being brought home and coated with USP mineral oil

As with clothes, enzyme solution sprayed on gun and archery cases will produce an odor free surface when it dries. if these cases are padded you might have to pretty well soak the fabric to reach contaminants.  When you spray these cases let the moisture dry completely before storing the equipment in them. Another scent reducing method is to put cases and other equipment in the sun for a while drying or use a hir dryer. This will help evaporate volatiles not converted by the enzyme solution treatment. Allways get a new desiccant bag to put in the cases while storing equipment and guns, this will reduce the possibility of rust.