U.S. and Canadian Hunting Regulations

Check hunting regulations before going to the trouble of building the hunter worn GamePagerTM it would be helpful to know if using it would be allowed in your state. Some states specify that two way radios can not be used in taking take game if this is the case GamePagerTM is not two way therefore may not be covered by the regulation. Other states mention radio's period and GamePagerTM might be against the law in those states.

I would be more comfortable using it in states that do not mention restrictions of radio's or radio frequency (RF) equipment use at all. In any case use it at your own risk, as stated in the license restrictions signed before you received the license. DIY-MYO.COM, Inc. has no liability for any damages or fines resulting in it's use.

You can check regulations, season dates and other great hunting information in each state by going to:


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