Hunting Electronics and Tools Batteries Tips


All electronic devices require a direct current source for operation. Portable hunting electronic devices such as game cameras are powered by batteries. All batteries are made up of cells which range from 1.2 to 1.5 volts/cell. Battery manufacturers produce single cell batteries such as AAA, AA, C and D in individual packages. Other voltage batteries are more than one cell that have have been put together, prepackaged so to speak, to create a multiple of 1.2 to 1.5 volts, i.e., 6-9-12-15-24 volts and etc. You can combine your own batteries for your special needs. These needs may be to create higher voltages or maybe just make your equipment last longer in the field. You can do the same to create special battery power supplies for your hunting or home electronic devices.

Battery Chargers

Along with battery voltage decisions, consideration of battery types have to be addressed. Some batteries are single use and some are rechargeable. One can save a lot of money by recharging their batteries, however there are ways to extend battery life.

Some battery chargers can actually shorten your battery life but the right battery charger will pay for itself in no time. The charging procedure is also important to assure long battery life.

Batteries For Portable Tools

Portable tool battery packs such as those in drills, screwdrivers and saws are expensive to replace but in most cases you can make them good as new by replacing the individual cells inside the old tool battery packs.

Soldering Tips

If you have never soldered wire to batteries and electronic components you shouls know that it is not as easy as first thought. Considerations to making good solder joints without damaging heat sensitive components involve soldering iron temperature, proper cleaning, rosin type and iron contact time and position. If you are not experienced in soldering electronics you can learn the basics in a short time.

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