Gun Explosions and the Wrong Ammo

A barrel plugged with mud or a wrong size cartridge can result in gun explosions, ruptures and flying fragmentation of barrels or actions. This type of accident has the potential to blind, kill or maim the hunter. Before loading a gun always visually check the barrel for obstructions.

Rifle, Shotgun or Handguns, simple distractions can lead to serious problems and hazardous conditions. Explosions are caused whole host of combinations of right gun and wrong cartridge. Some are just sort of funny, there is a wonder there are not more near gun explosions and accidents

There is always a chance of accidentally plugging the barrel of a shotgun or rifle with mud or soil. To be assured of preventing this, tie a zip lock bag over the end of the barrel, if you forget you will see the bag before shooting and even if not removed the bullet will pass through without an explosion.

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<The Deer Hunt - .- Drive back home and pick up gun. 3:30 AM - Drive like heck to get to ... 6:37 PM - Fire gun, blow up gun barrel plugged with mud.

101 Gun Facts Personal safety tips and personal security products designed especially for women. In addition to personal and home security products, we offer domestic violence information and downloadable gun safety brochure. ... The rifling of your gun barrel is composed of lands and grooves ...when the gun is fired. A barrel plugged with snow or mud can be dangerous.

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