To The Hunting Site - Getting There Odor Free

Shower Before Hunting

Always shower with a scent-free soap so you will be getting there odor free. Use a mint sented mouth wash and a fragrant free underarm deodorant. More apt to be the source of odor during the year is the crotch area. A little deodorant there will help also. If you shave do not use commercial aftershave a little rubbing alcohol cut 50-50 with water and a small amount of your chosen masking tea will work very well. Dress in the scent-free street clothes just before leaving the house, hotel or camper.

Do not eat in a restaurant before you go to the field. Deer are not attracted to cigarette smoke or bacon and eggs smells you will pick up there.

Truck or Car

The day before the trip spray the vehicle’s carpet and seats with enzyme solution so it will have time to dry. Over spray the carpets with a little of your natural tea cover scents and assure yourself of .

Load the hunting clothes and equipment in the vehicle. Once on site, standing upwind of the vehicle, and change again into the fresh hunting clothes.

As important as getting there odor free may be the lures you use..