Hunter & Photographer 4 Ch. Game Pager Assy Receiver

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Each TrailEyes™ Deer Pager™ 4 channel receiver when complete will have four light emitting diodes LED’s which will light up when one of four remote hunting radar units are tripped by a passing animal or human. If you know where each remote monitor is located you can know when an animal or person is coming your way and from which direction.

To allow other observations without having to constantly look for a lighted LED a pager vibrator will get your attention when any remote Hunting-Radar™ is triggered. A push-off then push-reset will still the vibrator anytime you want.

The light will continue to glow for the full transmitting time. If the light goes off and then comes back on again the animal or person is walking very slowly or maybe turned back around or there may be a second deer following. Be sure to reset the vibrator or the next time the light will light but no vibration will be felt.

That said, let’s get to fabrication. Open the new enclosure and lay out your indicating LED’s and switches for the game pager assy. Continued on full article


The wiring diagram indicates a battery connector with pigtails so if you are using the built-in battery case with contacts add your own pigtails by:

·        Solder one end of one single conductor wire to the (+) battery terminal and run it to one terminal (a) of switch S1.

 ·        Next from the other terminal (b) of S1 run and solder a wire to the (+) anode terminal of all five LED’s and one terminal of the resistor R1.

 ·        From the (-) cathode of the Green (Power On) LED jumper to the (-) terminal of the 9volt battery holder.

 ·        From the other end of the resistor run another jumper to the vibration motor (+) terminal. Continued on full article

Never miss that trophy again and always be alert that it could even be people coming and not animals. Helps you be safe because there will never be a reason to rush a shot as Traileyes calls your Game Pager before anything coming can see you. If you are not a member become one now and get your password to the full page.