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Game Camera Radar assembly article.

 Let us start with the TrailEyes Hunting Radar Assy

Detector Transmitter:

 We will start with building the TrailEyes™ Hunting Radar Assy transmitter.  It is the basic sensor for use with many other devices on this site. To follow you will need the bill of material and the Wiring Diagram for reference. Just print them out. Game Camera Radar Bill Of Material

Upload Hunting Radar Wiring You will need Adobe reader to view this file. If you do not have adobe reader get it here. Depending on how many locations you will want to monitor, you will need one set of the above for each remote Trail-Eyes™ Game Camera Radar Assy's you want to make............. Also you will have extra units to give to others on your party to help find downed wounded deer in heavy brush day or night if your blood trail disappears...............

 Game Camera Radar Assy Passive Infrared Motion Detector (PIR)

 I used a Texecom Medusa Model Passive Infrared Detector as a trigger for the long range radio frequency (R.F.) transmitter. Other common brands are the, Rocknet Model RK-300, Radio Shack or x-10 wireless they will be interchangeable and there are others that could be modifiable to operate the same way. I also chose a LINX RF transmitter/receiver system for several reasons...............

Referring to the TrailEyes™ Hunters-Radar™ bill of materials and wiring diagram

  1. Prior to wiring you might want to paint the PIR case and the electrical project box whatever color you desire. I used a flat camo-green color but even a flat black or brown would be better than a white case shining by the hunting trail.............
  1. To assemble power for the Trail Monitor a 9 volt battery connector positive terminal (+) red wire needs to be soldered to the on off switch. The switches shown on the drawing are single pole single throw type, this means they are either on or off. You may end up with a double pole double throw switch which has too contacts inside. In this case you will see three terminals, solder the (+) red wire to the center terminal.


  1. ...............


  1. Depending on the obstructions between the hunter and the remote detector the transmitter internal antenna will work for about a 300ft separation.

 Side Note:

 A large Radio Shack project box can be used to house the transmitter, ............

 TrailEyes Trail Monitor Field Set-Up

 Preparing the remote detector for mounting can easily be done by...................

 Other PIR Options

·        If you want to save a little more money but do a little more work you can pick up a two lamp, motion sensor activated outdoor lamp at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Wal-Mart for under $12 and convert it. This conversion can be found at, Home Brew Game Camera Project.

      Never miss that trophy again and always be alert that it could be people coming instead of animals.  Game Pager helps you be safe because there will never be a reason to rush a shot because Traileyes calls you before anything coming can see you.

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