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Here you will find free do-it-yourself plans such as for the new deer hunting TrailEyes Game Pager, Game Cameras, hunting shack, free standing elevated permanent deer stand, printable target practice target, Campsite intrusion alarm and soon many other outdoor products, tips and advice you can use to make your own hunting,  experiences and outdoor sports more economical and pleasurable.

You will also find articles and stories from experts and not-so experts (but funny) about hunting and outdoors topics, techniques and tips. We also provide readers access to many sites and our own where you can save on thousands of hunting and outdoors products.

Pope and Young Special

Trophy Whitetail

If you have been even remotely exposed to Big Game, especially Deer Hunting you have heard of the great records and conservation organization, Pope and Young.

As a Special Bonus for our members we want to make a valuable book by the great Saxton Pope available to you at no cost from our friend Joe Pineland author of Deer Secrets:

  • The 4 things most hunters miss before each hunt - do these before leaving your house.

  • Why you should never use artificial antlers for rattling.

  • Learn the 5 basic deer sound categories and use to your advantage.

  • When was the last time you had honest, expert advice from a guy obsessed with hunting and teaching hunting?

Click the Pope and Young button to the left and get free access to this special and receive our free Hunting and Outdoor newsletter which contains additional tips, news and many specials you will enjoy..

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Due to security and patent rights, some pages are password protected and require site membership agreement execution these include pages such as  the Deer Hunting TrailEyes trail sensors, GamePager, TrailEyes Remote Game Camera Trigger™ which can take pictures with  1 - 2 - 3 or more cameras simultaneously  from different positions instead of a single side profile as other Game Cameras are limited to. Other pages password protected include the and Camp Site Security devices.

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Gun Handling Ten Commandments
Gun Handling and Field Shooting Range Gun Safety
Game camera and the improved TrailEye's GamePager
Has your game camera ever called your pager? The revolutionary improvement of TrailEye' s Game Pager's and Game Camera's are Success
Deer Hunting Scents Deer Lures Covers and Attractants
You must control human odor during the hunt by using hunting scents and deer lures...
The More Whitetail Deer Facts You Know the Better the Hunt
Know your whitetail deer facts, age and myths and become a better hunter?
Hunting Hazards Which Can Put Your Life at Risk
There are several life threatening hunting hazards that every hunter faces every time they go to the field but are seldom given a thought
The wrong camo hunting clothes may be a waste of money.
Most camo hunting clothes just do not work, they will loose you game, the hunter shouls almost never should wear the same pattern in trousers and jacket or shirt.
Bow hunting, much more to consider when buying archery equipment than guns.
Bow hunting tips and skills, using the primitive weapon, bow and arrow / broadhead set-up. Skills develop during..., importance of proper Camo format.
Different hunting tactics are required for different land types.
What kind of tools will help with hunting tactics planning? Every time you start planning a hunting trip these should be procured before scouting.
Global Positioning System ( GPS ) Use in Outdoor Sports
Figuring out where he is and where he is heading is probably one of man's oldest pastimes. Of course if you have a GPS you will never have to ask.
Basic information about the wild turkey.
Wild turkey hunting tips to provide more game and turkey recipes.
Tracking deer and other animals is a learnable art.
Learn to avoid tracking deer but if necessary have the right tools with you an well as the skills.
Javalina and Feral Hog Hunting and Trapping Tips
Hog hunting year round, how to make a hog feeder to keep them from your deer feeders and other tips like building a hog trap.
Elk Hunting Tips Resource Links
Where and hows and Elk Hunting Tips
Elk Hunting Tips Resources, Guides and Locations
Where and hows of Elk Hunting, the most popular guides, outfitters, rifles, bows, Getting in shape first.
Wild game does not have to taste wild and the recipes make little difference.
The way your wild game tastes is controllable by the hunter. Culinary quality starts in the planning stages of the hunt not with the recipes used.
Make Your Own Deer Mineral and Salt Lick
How to make your own deer salt lick to control deer travel routes and improve the herd size.
Deer Hunting Resources and Other Great References
Fun Deer Hunting Resources and Sports References
Understanding Batteries for Hunting Electronics
How to make your hunting electronics batteries last longer in the field and savings tips.
Power Tool Battery Replacement
Tips for battery replacement in battery packs for DeWalt, Porter Cable, Skill, Ryobi, Black and Decker, Milwaukee, Bosch and other portable power tools. Do-it-yourself and save up to 50%.
Hunting electronics battery and soldering tips
Tips for hunting electronics devices owners, how to make batteries last longer, how to make batteries, save money by replacing tool batteries instead of buying new ones.
About Chronic Wasting Disease in Deer and Elk
Does Chronic Wasting Disease of Deer and Elk Make Humans Sick?
Falconry a popular sport in Medieval Europe and feudal Japan, making a comeback
Offers Falconry raptor information and where to get training, birds, apprentice kits, perches, scales, gauntlets, transmitters, swivels bells and etc.
U.S. State Canadian Province Hunting Regulations and Seasons Data
Does Your State or Province Hunting Regulations Allow GamePager Use, Know your season opening dates?
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Printable Do it Yourself - DIY Hunting Project Plans- Elevated Hunting Stand and Box Blind, Hunting Cabins, Bulls Eye Target, TrealEye camera and hunter aleart ....